Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Samuel Visits

February 2016

The girls love it when Samuel reads to them!

We LOVE when Samuel comes to visit!

Friday, October 14, 2016


February 2016

Get ready for picture overload! We had the greatest time with Andrea Waite (Lance's sister) and her kids at the aquarium! What a cool aquarium! There was so much to do - and Joanne couldn't stop running from place to place.  Thank you for inviting us, Dre. We had the best time! 

Andrea, Brees and Jody. 
I love watching kids soak in all the new information! 

They could pet the stingrays. It was so cool! 
Jody was a little nervous about touching the animals, but it was still magical.

Andrea and Marian. 

Going on the rope bridge. 

Such a cool aquarium! Thanks Andrea for taking us!

Cabelas Trip

February 2016

Have you ever been to Cabelas? It's SO fun for kids!! They have a huge fish tank, lots of stuffed animals (the ones that used to be alive...not toys), fish to feed and more!  We asked Lynn to tag along with us, and we had a great time exploring!

Trying to feed the fish.

So mesmorized!

Playing on the camping setups.

She found a friend.  Jody is definitely not shy, haha! 
That poor girl, look at her face. She was so confused!

Papa Lynn playing with Marian.
She sure loves him!

Marian has discovered her tongue!

Such a fun aquarium!

She loves that Grandpa of hers!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Visiting Kelly after her Surgery

February 2016

Back in November of 2011, my sister-in-law Kelly was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.  She is only a year older than me.  Needless to say this rocked her world.  But I have never met anyone that faces hard things so cheerfully and with such humor.

I met her six months later and I joke all the time with Lance that his sisters were one of the reasons I married him. Seriously, they are the best! Anyways, fast forward four years.  Kelly is married to Nick Webb and they have two sweet puppies.  Unfortunately, the cancer has flared up again, so she decided to get a mastectomy.  The girls and I packed up and visited for a day once she was recovered enough to see us. Let's be honest Joanne has ENERGY - maybe not the greatest for a patient trying to recover.  But we had such a great time. Sure love that Kelly!  And while we were there we got some pretty sweet pictures!

Jack (the dog) and Marian

Grandma Shelley with Marian!  What a beautiful Grandma!

Oh Kelly, you are the best! We love you so much!


February 2016

Marian is getting more and more alert and fun and Joanne is loving playing with her more and more. I love to see their relationship grow.  I hope they will be best friends for life! 

I know I'm biased, but they are PERFECT, right?!

I love how happy Marian is about these cuddles.

So helpful.